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Lindsay Madden produces ongoing, exquisite, detailed pieces. The way in which Lindsay captures her subjects, incorporating them on rulers, geometry sets and chalk boards is pure genius! I love reading the titles of the pieces; catchy and meaningful. Below are two of her latest works which are currently exhibiting in the very newly opened, Dockside Gallery in Tweedmouth, Berwick Upon Tweed. Lindsay's work hangs in the gallery alongside a selection of original artwork, prints, drift wood, glass & ceramics by a wonderful array of artists - judging by the private view photographs, this gallery is well worth visiting.

'The Cat That Got The Cream'

'Gone Fishing'

Meanwhile, in Cambridge, Byard Art will be exhibiting a selection of Lindsay's work in their summer exhibition, as well as, taking some of Lindsay's work to Addenbroke Hospital. Addenbrooke’s Arts enhances the hospital environment and aims to improve the experience of patients, visitors and staff through an innovative, stimulating and engaging arts programme. Having recently been in and out of York hospital with my daughter's broken wrist, it was a pleasure to see art work displayed on the hospital walls, brightening a somewhat, emotional atmosphere. Those going to Addenbroke are in for a visual treat; Lindsay's work puts a smile on my face and I am sure will be a delight to others too.

Whilst all of this is going on, Lindsay continues to work on the 'Fifth Size Book Project' - learning and exploring new paths mentored by the Durham Creatives project team of artists and performers. To read more on the Fifth Size Book Project click here.

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