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Paul Nash via The Star Inn at Harome

The Star Inn Harome by Susan Brunskill

(giclee prints available

The Star Inn at Harome is not just a Michelin Star pub, it's a local pub too. My family and I frequently drop in for a drink before lunch, or during the summer months, there's nothing more enjoyable than an early evening drink in the garden. The fact that the restaurant has a Michelin Star is a bonus; the sole reason we love The Star Inn at Harome is because it is undoubtedly, the most welcoming pub we've ever come across. Andrew Pern is an astounding chef as well as, an embracing host which reflects in his staff, who are equally welcoming and whom we are lucky enough to call, friends.

As you can see from the watercolour at the top of this page, (painted by local artist Susan Brunskill), even the exterior is inviting being a 14th century thatched inn, along with the glow of candlelit tables shimmering through the windows; I challenge anyone to drive past without the a tranquil thought of holding a pint or a chilled glass of Pernshire (a delicious dry white supplied by Firth & Co.) followed by one or two of Andrew's mouth watering masterpieces....

So it was, on Monday that I nipped to The Star, 'early doors', to have a quick punt at 'Jack Pot Joker' organised by Belle Armitage to raise funds for the local hunt before heading to the Helmsley Arts Centre to attend a NADFAS lecture on artist Paul Nash, 'Poet in Paint ' The Art and Life of Paul Nash' by lecturer David Haycock. Of course, it never is a 'quick drink' once in, it's hard to leave! Anyhow, fuelled by my half pint and a punt at Jack Pot Joker (which I am yet to win!) I propelled myself to the Helmsley Arts Centre where I was encapsulated by David Haycock's enlightening lecture on the artist Paul Nash. Inspired by my new found knowledge, I am thrilled to be able to catch the Paul Nash exhibition at the Tate Britain in a few weeks time, (in-between meetings, it can't be all work and no play!). The Paul Nash exhibition runs until 5th March. It will then travel to Norwich (8th April - 20th Aug) followed by Newcastle (9th Sept - end Jan 2018). The Tate Britain have very kindly allowed me to use some of their images for this blog. See below (courtesy of The Tate Britain).

Paul Nash

Spring In The Trenches, Ridge Wood, 1917


Imperial War Museum, London

copyright Tate

Paul Nash 1889 - 1946

The Rye Marshes


Ferens Art Gallery

copyright Tate

Last night I started David Haycock's book, 'A Crisis Of Brilliance' Five Young British Artists and the Great War. I am looking forward to learning of detailed experiences not only on Paul Nash but also artists Dora Carrington, Mark Gentler, Richard Gevinson and Stanley Spencer.

So, who would have thought it! The pub followed by a NADFAS lecture - I first heard of NADFAS whilst living with my grandmother in London at the age of 16 during my St James's secretarial days; I thought this was an activity for the older generation, how wrong could I be. What a brilliantly stimulating way to spend an evening and what's more, I hear that Andrew Graham Dixon will be speaking at a NADFAS lecture in Harrogate later on in the year... Harrogate here I come!

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