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Ready for kick off...

The weather was very kind yesterday; bright blue skies and temperatures as hot as Spain; the perfect environment for a masterclass in paella with Spanish chef extraordinaire, Victoria Nunez aka Keny. Wine glass in hand, kindly donated by Firth & Co. Wine Merchant (very generous Magnums of Prosecco Astoria & Chateau Ballan-Larquette rouge 2014 Bordeaux), we watched, listened & questioned Keny whilst she calmly worked wonders at the paella station.


The class was followed by lunch - paella! and the most AMAZING puddings cooked by Keny (chocolate tart & lemon meringue tart), cheese and a little bit more wine..

The table was a ray of colours, so pretty. Many thanks to SJ Denny Interiors for the loan of the tablecloths (I'm definitely putting one on my Christmas wish list!).


Keny supplied a handout with the recipe including plenty of visuals for everyone to take away with them. So organised and helpful; I think there will be a flurry of paella parties in Yorkshire next summer!


We raised £585 (and counting..) for Wharf Kids which is thrilling. The money will be able to fund 5 children through school for a year and we've achieved that by enjoying ourselves! The majority of us are incredibly lucky, living a comfortable life. Perhaps, sometimes we need to step back and think of the less privileged and act on our feelings by doing something for them.

For more information on the charity, click here

Charles Herbert founder of Wharf Kids

Lastly, for those that follow my instagram (pridden_pr_and_events) I mentioned you would find out why there is newspaper on the paella dish in the instagram photograph - a paella tip: at the last stage of cooking the paella (leaving the rice to soak up the final liquid), cover the dish with newspaper, it helps absorb the liquid! There you have it!

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