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Shout Out To Editorial Teams

I should be packing for my London trip... where I will be participating in a pop-up shop at AVW Antiques, 297 Lillie Road, SW6 7LL on Tuesday (6-9pm) & Wednesday (10am-5pm), alongside Counting Lambs (SO excited!) HOWEVER, having just updated my 'press' page on I wanted to do a quick and big 'shout out' to all those wonderful editorial teams who have given me the time and editorial space over the recent months. As a small business starting out, it means so much to me and obviously, my clients! Without you guys, I wouldn't have a business.

PR can be disheartening at times, sending image after image in the hope of a mention. However, any disheartening moments are soon washed away when you open a publication and see your client and possibly an image, shining brightly on the glossy pages of a magazine or crisp pages of a newspaper supplement. It's not easy for the editorial teams either, being inundated by people like me, constantly plaguing them along with thousands of other people pleading for some kind of coverage for a product or event.

With so much technology around, print editions of magazines are being hit hard - online-everything is a preferred choice for a lot of people now a days. I am more old school and love to hold a magazine in my hands and also have a habit of hoarding, the house is starting to look a bit like a library... but to have those copies for reference and for my children to use as reference later on in life for school/college projects is worth its weight in gold.

My quiet morning work is coming to a close as my three cherubs gradually come down stairs (and find the 'Elf on the Shelf' (or rather an Italian Elf on the Shelf, I found in a charity shop last year!). I might now actually have to go and pack my suitcase and get into selling mode - 50 of my STELLA cushions are in London waiting patiently to be sold on Tuesday & Wednesday - having worked day and night to get them done, I hope I'll come back empty handed and my bank balance over flowing!


x Georgie

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